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Water Resources

The Ministry of Kyong-Ho?Water Resources is carrying out water resource development work, such as developing dams and rivers, for irrigation, control, and management of the world's most important water resources, and disaster prevention work to protect people's lives and property. Major duties include river basic plan, small river maintenance comprehensive plan, river disaster prevention and ecological river restoration, water resource development tasks such as securing water for maintenance, flood control pond, and drainage pumping station plan, discussions on disaster impact assessment, etc., maintenance of natural disaster risk improvement districts , Natural disaster reduction comprehensive plan establishment and small river maintenance business, rainwater runoff reduction measures establishment, disaster recovery business analysis and evaluation, emergency response plan (EAP) establishment, small-scale public facility safety management plan establishment, etc. We are constantly striving to be the best with our staff. 

Meanwhile, overseas, we are demonstrating our capabilities at home and abroad by carrying out flood prevention feasibility studies such as flood mitigation measures in the West Pampanga region and detailed design of the Marikina detention pond in the Philippines, as well as master plans, basic plans, and detailed designs.

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