About Kyong-Ho

About Kyong-Ho

Chairman's Greeting

Kyong-Ho Engineering & Architects Co., Ltd. is
responsible for water management, environment, city, architecture, landscaping, transportation, etc. It is a comprehensive consulting company that conducts planning, feasibility study, design, maintenance, and construction management in all areas of construction engineering.

Kyong-Ho Engineering & Architects Co., Ltd. has gathered young and energetic experts.
With constant self-improvement and tireless spirit of challenge, we are making every effort to lay the foundation for Korea as an expert.

  • Challenge Spirit

  • Self-development

  • Pride

CEO's greeting

Kyong-Ho Engineering & Architecture Co., Ltd.
will be leap forward with technology.
It's the will of a Kyong-Ho Experts, who challenges infinite technology.

Founded in 1991 with the belief to lead Korea in engineering technology improvement and the spirit of one-way craftsman, Kyong-Ho Engineering & Architects Co., Ltd. is a company that provides engineering services, management for facilities, water supply, city planning, environment, transportation, landscaping, maintenance and construction.

More than 750 employees, including 150 engineers, architects, and 20 engineering PhDs, are leading the nation's national and industrial development with 4,000 design and construction project management records, as well as 80 new engineering technologies.

With the management philosophy of creating an eco-friendly and rich living space to contribute to the national society, all executives and employees have studied new construction technology, created the best works, and have been designated as an excellent service company every year since 1998.

In particular, all executives and employees will do their best to realize the public interest through the development of high-quality, low-cost creative works and new construction technologies and to realize a true corporate image that contributes to clients and the society.

Kang Ye-seok, PhD in Engineering, Chairman of Kyong-Ho Engineering & Architects Co., Ltd.

  • Echnology

    A company based on
    accumulated expertise

  • Knowledge

    A company constantly
    researching new technologies

  • Environmental

    A company that creates
    an eco-friendly living space

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