Career Opportunities

The Model of Employee

Kyong-Ho Engineering & Architects Co., Ltd.
values talent the most as a basic asset to be at the forefront of global construction,
and requires excellent engineers with a spirit of trust and challenge.

  • A person who fulfills one's responsibilities in a diligent manner

  • A person who aims for an organization's vision with harmony and positive thinking

  • A person who creates the value of an organization with expertise and professionalism

  • A person who flexibly responds to the global era with a spirit of challenge and leads a new culture


Kyong-Ho Engineering & Architects Co., Ltd.
operates various welfare programs for the rich and stable life of all its members.

  • Children's admission congratulatory

    money to kindergarten, elementary, and secondary school children

  • Operates a cafeteria for employees

  • Congratulatory Money / Condolence leave

  • Health Checkup

  • Support for association expenses and education expenses

    Korea Construction Engineers Association, etc. Support for annual fees and job training expenses

  • Award for Excellent Employees Monthly payment of service allowance

    from the fifth year of service Over 10 years: Reward vacation payment

  • Award certificates and rewards for outstanding employees

  • Operation of the In-house Labor Welfare Fund

Recruitment procedure

  • STEP 01

    Job posting

  • STEP 02

    Document screening

  • STEP 03

    Executive interview

  • STEP 04

    Notification of successful applicants

  • Recruitment method

    • Announcement via Home Page or Job Site
    • Recruitment by accepting job applications
  • Eligibility to apply

    • A person who meets the qualifications for each part (design, construction project management, technician, management support)
    • Preferential treatment for experienced employees
    • Preferential treatment for persons eligible for veterans benefits, persons with disabilities, technical personnel related to the support sector, and persons with driver's certificates
  • On-going Recruitment

    Excellent construction engineers are hired from time to time when applying.

    Recruitment information

    • Submission documents: Copy of career certificate/qualification/report certificate
    • How to register: E-mail reception ( )
    • Recruitment Division: Experience in civil engineering, architecture, and machinery in design and construction project management (supervision) and new employees
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