Basic Design Service for Inchang Rainwater Pumping Station Expansion Project

  • Client

    Guri City

  • Project Period


Inchang rainwater pumping station

  • Project Specification

    - Location of work: Wangsukcheon-ro, Guri-si (331 Inchang-dong)
    - Scope of task performance
    1) Rainwater pumping station expansion basic design 1 set
    2) 1 meal including various license documents
    3) On-site survey 1 meal
  • Project

  • Project

    The purpose of carrying out basic and detailed design for effective and economical flood prevention measures by analyzing the cause of flood damage to the area due to the loss of life and property of citizens due to continuous flooding in the area of ??Wangsukcheon-ro, Guri-si, Gyeonggi-do