Dongjak-Gwanak Joint Resource Circulation Center Establishment Feasibility Study and Basic Plan

  • Client

    Dongjak-gu, Seoul

  • Project Period


  • Project Specification

    - Recycling sorting: 190 tons/day
    - Bio-pulmonary compression transfer: 260 tons/day
    - Construction site domestic waste recycling sorting facility: 50 tons/day
    - Large waste transfer: 50 tons/day
    - Direct management vehicle parking lot: 99 or more
    - Land area: 30,798.00㎡
    - Building area: 1,720.89㎡
    - Gross area: 39,487.61㎡
  • Project

  • Project

    The Dongjak-Gwanak Common Resource Recycling Center is a recycling sorting facility installed in the southern basement of Boramae Park, a representative park in the southwest area of ??Seoul. This facility creates convenience facilities for residents on the ground level to provide sports facilities and rest areas to nearby residents. At the same time, in the basement, recycling waste sorting facilities generated in Dongjak-gu and Gwanak-gu, household waste compression facilities, and construction site household waste recycling sorting facilities , Dongjak-gu and Gwanak-gu are equipped with parking lots for vehicles directly operated, such as garbage collection trucks, to promote stable treatment of household waste in Dongjak-gu and Gwanak-gu. In addition, this facility is recognized as an abhorrent facility as facilities such as odor, dust, noise and vibration are installed underground, so it does not have many restrictions on the use of the ground space, responds to the demand for high-level use of land in the urban area, and improves the urban function. It also played a role in improvement and improvement, enabling high-density and advanced development of the city. Lastly, this facility is the largest recycling facility in the underground structure in Korea, and it is planned to allow nearby students to visit.