Basic and Detailed Design for the Gamgol Stadium Complex Facility Creation Project

  • Client

    Ansan City

  • Project Period


  • Project Specification

    Total floor area Previous: 2,867.62㎡
    Change: 8,737.47㎡
    1st floor, 1st floor above ground
  • Project

  • Project

    Gamgol Stadium is used by an average of 690 citizens per month and is used for soccer games and other sports activities. To the west of the Gamgol Stadium are the Gamgol Civic Hall and Gamgol Park, and to the east are Wonwon Elementary School and Bono Middle School. In the north are Sangnoksu Park and Seokho Middle School, and in the south are Sigok Middle School, Sigok Elementary School, Omokgol Park, Bon-O Social Welfare Center, and Dongsan High School.