Post-Environmental Impact Investigation Service for New West Maintenance Depot Project

  • Client

    Coast Guard

  • Project Period


  • Project Specification

    160,831㎡ (reclamation area 50,349㎡, foundation work dredging 178,330㎡)
  • Project

  • Project

    Planned in the whole area of ??San 181, Dal-dong, Mokpo-si in Mokpo Port (trade port). By creating a ship maintenance window to repair large vessels (over 1,000 tons) and medium and small vessels (less than 500 tons) in the West, South Sea and Jeju areas on the site of the West Coast Maintenance Depot of the Korea Coast Guard, the lack of commercial facilities for large vessels and Dadaepo, Busan We are trying to resolve the excess of repair capacity at the maintenance window, and we are trying to further minimize the impact of project implementation through environmental impact investigations.