Incheon Gyeyang Industrial Complex Research and Design

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    Korea Industrial Complex Corporation

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    Gyeyang-gu is an area where various projects are restricted as 47% of the total area is designated as a development restriction zone. Due to the absolute lack of industrial infrastructure and quality jobs, it is reduced to a bed town and the rate of migration to other areas increases. are doing In addition, through the prevention of urban slums due to population exodus, revitalization of the local economy, and connection with the Seoun Industrial Complex located in the south, additional industrial land and attracting industries are secured to create the Gyeyang Industrial Complex, thereby establishing a virtuous cycle structure for a self-sufficient city. It is a project promoted as a public development method to realize rationalization of land use regulations through development, public redemption of development profits, and contribution to improving financial independence.
    In addition, as industrial complexes were created in areas subject to lifting of development restriction zones, more than 10% of the industrial facility site was created as small and medium-sized enterprises-only complexes, creating conditions for small and medium-sized enterprises to move in more easily than other industrial complexes. By planning a park and green space ratio of 21.9%, which is higher than 7.5%, it was created as an industrial complex that can contribute to productivity improvement and emotional cultivation by minimizing the impact on the surrounding new town and promoting workers' rest.