Basic and Detailed Design for Gyeryong-si National Highway Bypass Road (Yeonsan-Duma Sec

  • Client

    Daejeon Regional Construction and Management Administration

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  • Project Specification

    ◇ Road grade: Main road (national road substitute bypass)
    ◇ Extension: L=4.1km
    ◇ Width: 20.0m (4 lanes in both directions)
    ◇ Speed: 80km/h
    ◇ Bridges: 6 places / 737.8m (long span bridge: 3 places / 665m, small bridge: 3 places / 76.8m), seismic class 1
    ◇ Intersection: Six places (three-dimensional one place, flat five places)
  • Project

  • Project

    The function of arterial roads has been strengthened by constructing a new road that bypasses Gyeryong-si between Daejeon Metropolitan City and Nonsan-si in the section between Songjeong-ri, Yeonsan-myeon, Nonsan-si and Bang-dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, on National Road No. 4. Due to the increase in traffic due to the relocation plan of National Defense University ('16.12), the location of Gyeryong University's 3rd military headquarters, and urban development, traffic delays and congestion in the city are expected to be resolved. The section through the zone contributed to revitalizing the local economy by facilitating access to Gyeryong IC and surrounding urban planning roads. When planning the route, the route was planned in consideration of the development plan of Gyeryong City, local residents' complaints (Gok Village), and the Honam Line railroad. In addition, when planning a bridge that crosses the Honam railway and a local river (Dugyecheon), the optimal bridge plan was designed considering workability and economic feasibility, and the form of the intersection connected to National Road No. It is designed to be safe and convenient to use.