Detailed Design for Hamyang-Ulsan Expressway Construction (Zone 16)

  • Client

    Korea Expressway Corporation

  • Project Period


  • Project Specification

    ◇ Classification of roads
    - Expressway (automobile road)
    ◇ Length and width
    - Main line L=2.8km, B=23.4m (4 lanes), V=100km/h
    - Alignment improvement of Central Inland Expressway L=4.07km, B=23.4m (4 lanes), V=100km/h
    ◇ Inflow and outflow facilities: Changnyeong junction (modified clover), Yeongsan Interchange (trumpet)
    ◇ Bridge (18 places, L=2,171m, B=5.0~54.7m)
  • Project

  • Project

    The Hamyang-Ulsan Expressway is expected to act as an artery for industry and tourism in the underdeveloped northern region of Gyeongsangnam-do. This is the section where the preliminary feasibility study ('03.06), feasibility study ('05.12), and basic design were completed ('08.12), and detailed on-site investigation and related After intensively examining and analyzing the problems of the basic design route through planning survey, the optimal route was presented by reviewing the comparative route. In addition, many considering geometric structure, traffic safety (alignment improvement of Central Inland Expressway), economic feasibility, connectivity with related plans, environmental impact, civil complaints from local residents (complete bypass of Gwanggye Village and expansion of separation from Namwol Village), constructability, maintenance efficiency, etc. After reviewing the comparison plan, the optimal plan was derived, and through expert technical advice and route design VE, problems were supplemented to make it an optimal highway.