Gangneung-Jejin Single Track Railway Section 4 Basic Design Design Service

  • Client

    National Railroad Authority

  • Project Period


  • Project Specification

    - Extension 22.1km
    - Earthwork 6.0km
    - Bridge 3.6km
    - Tunnel 12.5km
    - 3 stops
  • Project

  • Project

    Originally, the line connecting Wonsan and Yangyang was discontinued after the division of North and South Korea, and the Donghae line was scheduled to be rebuilt with the goal of 2019 according to the National Transport Network Plan. An agreement was reached to connect the Donghae Bukbu Line, and in the 2018 “Panmunjom Declaration” for peace, prosperity and unification of the Korean Peninsula, the connection of the Donghae Line railroad was specified.
    In April 2020, in accordance with Article 38, Paragraph 2, Item 4 of the National Finance Act, the preliminary feasibility study was exempted (inter-Korean exchange and cooperation project) and was promoted.
    Currently, the Jejin-Military Demarcation Line has been built, and if this line is built, the Korean railway will be connected to North Korea through the Donghae line, and it will be possible to connect to the northern coast of Gangwon-do by connecting the Wonju-Gangneung and Chuncheon-Sokcho lines.
    Target area: Gangwon-do Yangyang-gun Hyeonnam-myeon, Yangyang-eup area