4th Gwangju City Local Public Transportation Plan Establishment Service

  • Client

    Gwangju, Gyeonggido

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  • Project Specification

    All of Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do, neighboring cities and counties (all areas affected by route buses)
  • Project

  • Project

    「The 4th Public Transport Plan (2022~2026), Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, March 2022」 presents the policy direction for realizing an inclusive and eco-friendly public transport system through strengthening publicity and safety of public transport and actively utilizing new transport services. and Gwangju City needs to establish an active response system corresponding to it.
    The Department of Transportation of Gyeongho Engineering & Architects Co., Ltd. analyzed the achievements of the tram project and the status and problems of public transportation in Gwangju, and set the policy goals and indicators for the 4th public transportation plan in consideration of the policy direction of the 4th public transportation plan.
    Gwangju city bus route system reorganization basic direction, promotion strategy, reorganization standard establishment, public transportation improvement plan and expansion plan, such as school bus route review, public transportation facilities such as bus stop improvement, bus transfer facility installation plan, public garage installation, etc. improvement plan was established. The 4th Gwangju City Local Public Plan was established by reviewing cases of other local governments and new technology introduction plans, such as the introduction of smart shelters, policies to promote the use of public transportation, and policies to consider the transportation vulnerable.