Gwangmyeong Siheung Advanced R&D Complex Traffic Impact Assessment

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    Gwangmyeong City

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Bird's-eye view of Gwangmyeong Siheung Urban High-tech Industrial Complex

  • Project Specification

    Area: 493,745㎡
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  • Project

    The Gwangmyeong Siheung High-Tech R&D Complex Development Project is an urban high-tech industrial complex promoted as a development project in a special management area to prevent reckless development through planned management and development of large-scale national project release areas. It is a project to create a high-tech industrial complex centered on R&D and smart technology to induce technological growth, and to create a core base for advanced manufacturing in the southwestern part of the metropolitan area. With an area of ??493,745㎡, it is an industrial complex development project in accordance with Article 2, Item 9 of the Industrial Locations and Development Act, and the establishment of industrial locations and industrial complexes in accordance with Article 13-2, Paragraph 3 of the Enforcement Decree of the Urban Traffic Improvement Promotion Act Traffic impact assessment through the process of investigation and analysis of the traffic environment, prediction of future traffic demand in the project site and surrounding areas, deduction of problems and improvement measures according to the implementation of the project, and implementation plan of the traffic improvement measures, etc. has established.