Jeju food waste biogasification facility construction project

  • Client

    Jeju Provincial Office

  • Project Period


  • Project Specification

    Processing scale: 340 tons/day
    Treatment method: anaerobic digestion method
    Construction: Total floor area 11,894.32㎡, building area 8,812.23㎡
    Other electricity, civil engineering, landscaping and auxiliary facilities work 1 meal
  • Project

  • Project

    Establish a stable treatment system for food waste generated in the province by installing food waste treatment facilities for hygienic and stable treatment.
    The waste treatment capacity is 340 tons per day, and a biogasification facility is also built, so the expected production per day is 41,245 normal cubic meters per day. After completion, biogas generated in the anaerobic digestion process will be used as power within the facility, fuel will be supplied and produced, and operating costs worth KRW 2 billion will be saved annually.