Basic Design for Inchang Rainwater Pumping Station Expansion Project

Water and Sewage

We actively participate in various national land development projects and installation of water purification plants, reservoirs, water supply pipes, sewage treatment plants, sewage pipe maintenance, rainwater pumping stations, etc. for the expansion of industrial infrastructure, and plan, design, and supervise water and sewage facilities nationwide. It is a representative company. 

In accordance with the policy direction of the Ministry of Environment, the feasibility study and design of wide-area water and sewage facilities were completed, and alternative water resources such as seawater desalination and riverside filtration were developed, advanced water treatment to supply high-quality water, modernization of old waterworks facilities, and sewage treatment. We are contributing to the improvement of water welfare for the people by actively participating in the modernization of facilities and maintenance of old sewer lines. In addition, we successfully carry out water supply and sewerage development and maintenance projects overseas, such as the Philippines, and are leading the construction of advanced water supply and sewerage facilities required by the new era through climate change response and integrated water management.

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